Georgia Presbyterian Pilgrimage

Georgia Presbyterian Pilgrimage

Personal Testimonials

In July 2015, "Georgia Presbyterian Cursillo" officially changed its name to "Georgia Presbyterian Pilgrimage". The retreat weekend remains the same. We'd like to feel the names are interchangeable when talking about this special encounter with God.

Janie Bunch, Marietta, GA

Spreading His Love
As a mother of two young children, I attended Georgia Presbyterian Cursillo #31. After being immersed in God’s love for those three and a half days, all of a sudden God became so crystal clear to me. The whole purpose for me being given this life on earth was so simple! What a truly amazing gift this was!
Cursillo changed my life by showing me that God’s love is all around us and if we can spread that love to others, we are doing His work. When I looked around that room at Cursillo, and saw all the loving, caring brothers and sisters that God had graced me with to provide such role models, I realized just how lucky and special Cursillo is and will always be to so many. The more I think about it, God specifically and strategically called me to Cursillo for a purpose. It’s so unfathomable that one weekend can make such an impact and answer so many questions I never even knew I had. It fulfilled a gap I never knew existed in my life. For that, I will be forever grateful and will never, EVER stop spreading His Love.

Serving His Sheep
I have always believed Jesus Christ was my Savior and Lord. However, I was never a spiritual person and lived my life based on worldly values. I started to know God after moving to Marietta, GA nine years ago and settling in a church where a relationship with Jesus Christ was a focal point of spiritual maturity. However, it wasn’t until I attended Georgia Presbyterian Cursillo #29 (GPC) that I started to move away from my worldly values and started focusing on living in the spirit. This life-changing event helped me to understand that it is God’s will that will be done and not mine and that I had been living a self-centered lifestyle instead of seeking the path he had designed for my life. Following GPC I stayed in prayer and discernment for several years seeking God’s call and direction. Finally, he made it clear that I should leave my successful career as an advertising executive and become a Christian Counselor and serve His sheep. I have completed my studies at Liberty University and currently I am serving my internship with a Christian counseling agency working with numerous clients.

Eddie Capparucci,
Marietta, GA

The Rev. Sandy Fox
Associate Pastor Emerita
Douglasville Presbyterian Church
Focused on Jesus Christ
When I attended Cursillo Weekend #3, for the first time I knew what it meant to be surrounded by God’s unconditional love and grace. As a pastor I loved encouraging members of the church to attend because I knew it was a safe place for them to express their faith and grow in their relationship with the Lord. I love the fact that Presbyterian Cursillo is exactly that – Presbyterian. Everything that is said and done during the weekend is Reformed, straight out of the Book or Order with worship services based on the Directory for Worship. I love that the entire weekend is “apolitical”. During the weekend both staff and pilgrims agree not to discuss church or secular politics, which can be so divisive. Just think – an entire three days focused on Jesus Christ! I love it that the goal is to return to the local churches to engage in ministry. On Monday mornings following a Cursillo weekend my phone would ring in my church office. It would be a member of the church who had attended Cursillo asking, “How may I serve the church?” Church members who have attended Cursillo bring to their home churches renewed energy and excitement.
Living a Christian Life
I was a new Christian for only two years at the time of my Cursillo. I still smile now whenever I think about it, thanking God that I went! At that time, I was searching for answers for many 101 questions. The three-day weekend revealed to me what it means to be an authentic Christian and how it is like when Christian lives a Christian life. The experience was hard to explain in words, but it was so ideal yet so real. I could see with my eyes, hear with my ears, and feel with my heart as if God was unfolding his teaching to me through these people whom I got to meet and know during the three days. I felt Christ’s presence in the midst of us, ordinary men and women.

At the close of the three-days, I was more confident than ever to continue my journey with God, no longer alone, but with friends and family in Christ. I love my weekend.

Yubo Qiu, Marietta, GA


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