Georgia Presbyterian Pilgrimage

Georgia Presbyterian Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage: One Church's Story

Pilgrimage: One Church’s Story

The primary objectives of Georgia Presbyterian Pilgrimage (prior to July 2015 known as Georgia Presbyterian Cursillo) are to develop in Christians a consciousness of their ability; prepare them to become leaders in the work of Christian renewal; and to sustain them as they provide a Christian influence in civic, social and economic life. These goals continue to unfold at a small church in Marietta, GA.

Since 2006, more than 50 members of the church’s congregation have attended a Georgia Presbyterian Pilgrimage or Cursillo weekend. A majority of these individuals discovered how these retreat weekends could serve to refresh their faith in Jesus Christ while preparing them to “Christianize” the environments in which they live and work. These individuals returned to their church with a deeper understanding of the teachings of Jesus and more importantly, with a desire to utilize their spiritual gifts to serve Him.

Two members of this church enrolled in seminary after attending a Cursillo weekend. Another individual left his career and attended a Christian University where he earned a master’s degree in counseling. Still another is enrolled in a Christian university working toward one day serving as a Christian education leader. Others who attended Cursillo felt the call toward mission work including several who spent two weeks last summer in Kenya working with orphan children.

A Stephen Ministry group was begun and continues to grow in service to others. Others returned with a vision to help the church grow by offering their time and dedication to serve on Session, various church committees and as Sunday School teachers at all levels.

What is equally amazing about individuals who attended Cursillo/Pilgrimage is the number who volunteered to serve as Cursillo/Pilgrimage weekend staff members so others could experience the same sense of love that they did during that special weekend. These individuals don’t only give up five days of their time to prepare and work the weekend event; they also pay a volunteer fee to help offset costs of renting the facility.

Georgia Presbyterian Pilgrimage changes lives and nowhere is it more obvious than in a small church located in Marietta, GA.

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